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Manage staff leave in real time

EasyRota allows you to book staff into a clinic, book and monitor leave, all in real time. Any staff member can log into the system and get an update of their own rota, or the status of their clinic.

Access on any device

EasyRota is optimised for use on any device, whether desktop computer, tablet or mobile phone. It can be accessed via any normal web-browser.

Feeds patient booking data from your PAS

EasyRota links directly to your own hospital PAS system, to feed live patient booking data. This allows you to manage capacity in line with the actual number of patients booked.

Locum management

Locum job-board to allow fast and easy filling of locum openings, book and manage locums in clinics at the click of a button.

Fully flexible

EasyRota was designed by clinicians and clinic managers to work around your needs. Whether you need to swap shifts, redeploy staff or even set specific capacity rules for each clinic, it is fully flexible and intuitive.

Cost effective

EasyRota saves you admin time, ensures your clinics are properly staffed, and your locum spend is optimised. Try it now, and you will wonder how you managed your clinics without it!



About Us

Health iQ is a healthcare and life sciences consultancy specialising in improving clinical, operational and commercial performance through our expertise with data and technology.

Our competency is built upon the experience of our consultants who are leaders in their fields and who have spent many years solving a multitude of problems in healthcare. With our in-house teams of developers, designers, informaticians and engineers we are able to be the single partner who takes you from concept to delivery.

We are proud of our reputation within the healthcare industry, and of the relationships we have built through our commitment to quality in everything we deliver.

Why EasyRota?


SAVE TIME – how much admin and clinician time is wasted in staff management, whether redeploying staff as cover, or producing laborious monthly rota worksheets. EasyRota takes care of all of this for you, leaving you to focus on other things.


SAVE MONEY – how much money is spent unnecessarily on Locums because you were not able to plan ahead? EasyRota allows you to see in real time who is available, and to redeploy staff on the fly if needed, so the need to bring in Locums will be reduced.


MINIMISE RISK – how often are clinics understaffed because of staff leave which has not been covered? How often do clinicians turn up to a clinic to discover that other staff members are away? EasyRota makes understaffing of clinics a thing of the past, as it give you real time data on patients booked, compared with staff capacity. It also flags potential risks at the earliest stage, giving you time to take action.

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